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Jun 05 10 TikTok Accounts to Follow

Last month, TikTok continued its reign with a 4.5% increase in number of downloads compared to the previous month. Because of this, more and more brands are looking to create TikTok accounts and strategize ways to break through on the channel in an effort to actively reach their audiences.

Enter influencer marketing.

Since it's easy for a single video to amass hundreds of thousands of views, TikTok creators are thriving. So if your brand is looking for an influencer to partner with, content types to plan, or pure inspiration for the platform, here's a list of 10 unique and noteworthy TikTok creators to follow.

10 TikTok Accounts Worth Following

Interesting TikTok Accounts

The Queen: Charli D'Amelio

We included Charli on this list as she's notorious for having the largest number of followers on TikTok to date (over 60 million as of June 1, 2020). While she was once contracted with a talent agency and participated in high-profile sponsorships during the Super Bowl, her account is now more of a place for fun dance videos and voice-overs designed to entertain her primarily Gen-Z audience.

The Foodie: Tabitha Brown

Tabitha recently gained a lot of attention for her carrot bacon TikTok video, but has been a vegan food influencer for many years now. Prior to TikTok she created content with Tasty and Whole Foods (as well as others). The majority of her TikTok videos focus on vegan recipes, but occasionally she throws in something new to keep her audience of 3 million followers on their toes.



Carrot bacon❤️ ##tabithabrown ##veganbacon

♬ original sound - iamtabithabrown


The Beauty Guru: Zahraa B

Zahraa's content is more than just makeup looks or outfit inspiration, but is comprised of quick tips and tricks that help her followers look and feel great. From how to style a hijab so that it doesn't move, to skin care products that keep your natural skin glowing, her content is perfectly imperfect for the platform.

The Entertainer: Zach King

Zach King is no stranger to social media. His first claim to fame started on Vine where he was most known for producing magic tricks. Since we all know TikTok has many similarities to Vine, it made sense that his content would continue to thrive on this similar channel. He's also one of the highest followed male accounts on the platform.



I mustache you a question: Is your favorite part of Cinnamon Toast Crunch the cereal or the milk at the end?Get ##CTCCinnamilk at ##ad


The Educator: Taylor Cassidy

I personally found Taylor Cassidy's content so refreshing. While she became "TikTok famous" in late 2019, she uses her channel to not only entertain, but to educate her followers about black history. She's also very authentic, even announcing week-long breaks so that she can provide her followers with best content.

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The Fashionista: Anna O'Brien

Anna's account, Glitter and Lazers, is more than just a place for product hauls but a place for inspiration and positivity. While Anna has been well-known over the years on other social platforms, her TikTok videos have recently caught the attention of many as she began sharing some of her fitness content designed to inspire others .

The Fitness Fanatic: Casey Ho

Casey Ho has cracked the code for creating fitness content made for TikTok. Her videos don't just replicate her other channel content, but are carefully curated with platform-specific effects and editing for easy consumption. Casey also works to incorporate motivational videos from time to time that perfectly match her fitness content and resonate with her audience.



For abs! ##pilates ##keepingactive ##indoorworkout ##abs ##abworkout ##workout ##fitness ##fitgirl ##athomefitness ##homeworkout ##workoutfromhome ##fit

♬ Run free - Deep Chills feat. IVIE


The Gamer: Ninja

Ninja, aka Richard Blevins, is a professional gamer well known for playing Fortnite and other competitive esports. He also made news when he retired his Twitch account in favor of Mixer in summer of 2019. While Ninja also uses his other social platforms actively, he does an excellent job of making sure his TikTok content is created specifically for the channel.

The Mommy Blogger: Lauren

We all know Mom Bloggers secretly run the world, but Lauren runs her TikTok account perfectly. Mom to four, she shares tons of life hacks that help keep other moms sane, as well as some real moments that struggling moms can relate to.



MOM TIP: The one ingredient needed to turn an attitude around ##momtips ##parentingtips ##momcontent ##mamalife

♬ original sound - thoroughlybeautiful


The Traveler: Angela Giakas

While the pandemic put travel to a halt across the world, this Australian travel influencer continues to share content of her previous travels across TikTok. Angela migrated to the platform in late 2019, but it also well known for her travel blog and Instagram account where she shares similar content.


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