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Mar 24 3 Ways Clubhouse Can Secure Its Future

Clubhouse has been consistently gaining more and more attention these past few months. The network has amassed over 10M weekly active users and has competitors such as Twitter and Facebook looking to re-create the social-audio experience within their own networks. But is Clubhouse worth all the hype? Could a network that was initially created in less than a week join the ranks as a top social media network?

Over the years we've seen many networks try to become the next big thing, but the future of Clubhouse is still up in the air. That said, if the network does want to have a future, here are three ways it could secure it's place in this competitive social space.

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1. Cater to Niche Audiences

Clubhouse could easily go the way of Ello, which started off as a network that everyone rushed to but then forgot about - except for niche groups. Now they've branded themselves as a creator network for artists and designers to collaborate on projects together. Clubhouse could easily pivot their strategy towards niche audiences such as musicians, DJs, podcasters, etc., helping keep them afloat with an active user base.

2. A Space for Creators

If Clubhouse can attract creators similar to how TikTok did, they could amass a strong user base. This does mean the network will likely need to open up more and not focus so much on exclusivity to ensure the reach of content and get enough creators. The amount of buzz generated when Elon Musk, Zuckerberg, and other celebs joined conversations in the app shows that this interactive "podcast" is certainly appealing to certain audiences. If this caliber of celebrity stays involved there could be a continued life for Clubhouse.

3. Diversify Content Types and Experiences

As the app currently stands, there's only so much a single person can do, the majority of which is listening to others speak. To keep people interested, the network needs to dive into what types of experiences aren't found on other platforms that they can tap into with audio, or what experiences they can enhance within the app (for example, master classes, webinars, musical performances, stand-up comedy, etc.). There needs to be an angle that compels people to return, something they can't find anywhere else, and most importantly, promotes a positive experience.


Thus far, Clubhouse has proven that there's a market for audio in the social world. The questions is will they be able to capitalize on it in the long-run or will another platform that already has built in-reach and a larger audience steal their thunder? If you're interested learning more, checkout these 5 Clubhouse predictions to help arm your social media strategy or subscribe to our e-newsletter below for ongoing trends and news in the influencer and social space.

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