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Apr 14 4 Ways Brands Can Leverage Influencer Instagram Stories

There is no denying that influencer marketing has become a powerhouse for brand advertising over the last few years. The increase in both social platforms and users (Hello TikTok!?) has caused brands to abandon their old marketing practices for influencer and social media campaigns. Now, Instagram has become one of the most popular channels for brands to implement these marketing tactics due to the networks 120.7 million Instagram users across the globe, accompanied by an invested interest in Instagram Stories.

Alongside this peak interest in Stories, brands are also looking for unique ways to partner with influencers to engage audiences. If you're in the same situation, try one of these four tactics with your next influencer marketing campaign.

Ways to Leverage Influencer Instagram Stories

Driving Clicks for eCommerce, App Downloads, and More

One way in which a brand can use Instagram stories is by having influencers post fun, bright, eye-catching content on their Stories with the swipe-up feature enabled. This allows influencers an easy way to link the brands websites to their post which, in-turn, drives clicks to brands sites or landing pages for eCommerce purchases, app downloads, contest entries, and more!

We've seen great eCommerce success with Carusele’s Summer Graduation campaign for Vera Bradley. Using click-optimized influencer content, we were able to garner over 6,200 link clicks on the campaign; many of which can be contributed to click-optimized Instagram stories.

Vera Bradley Influencer Marketing Campaign

Seeding User Generated Content

Another easy way to leverage Instagram Stories for a brand campaign is by having influencers share content that encourages user generated content (UGC). For instance, Spotify has had many viral campaigns by simply making end of year wrap ups and special playlists for its users. Spotify has even elevated these campaigns an extra step through the addition of shareable links to Instagram Stories and Snapchat. This makes it simple and fast for anyone, including influencers, to share their Spotify streaming service playlists, podcasts, and songs.

Spotify Wrapped 2019 Example

Brands can easily replicate this tactic with their influencers, and we'd suggest doing so at the launch of a program to help kick-start the campaign and get in front of audiences that may not be following your own brand on social media (yet).

As an added bonus, with the right permissions, your brand has now expanded your content library and can leverage UGC assets on brand channels as needed.

Promoting an Event

Before we go on, don't worry, we're not going to let your event become the next Fyre Fest fiasco. When done right, brands can use influencers to either promote and encourage attendance to an upcoming event or provide audiences with exclusive behind-the-scenes content at an event they're following along with virtually. Essentially, influencers produce Stories content centered on their experience at the event, from start to finish.

We've seen these types of campaigns successfully come to life with Lexus, as they consistently hold large events for creators to attend. One of their more recent events featured Tidal music and Mark Levinson sound systems, and leveraged influencers to, subtly, show consumers what distinguishes Lexus vehicles from their competitors. Making use of influencer Instagram stories in this instance allowed the brand to garner a high audience attention and ad recall rate.

Mark Levinson Influencer Marketing Program

Highlighting Optimal Use Cases

Finally, brands can also leverage influencer Instagram Stories by having influencers feature your brand and use cases in interactive DIY and/or how-to type videos. This can best be seen by brands in the food industry, as they can make use of influencers Instagram Stories to feature special recipes using one or more of their products.

This type of content is popular among audiences because they’re able to learn and connect from the influencers through their step-by-step video tutorial, and usually translates into the advertisement having a high engagement rate and an above average audience attention. Highlighting these brands and products through influencer’s Instagram Stories  also allows brands republishing access (if you have the rights), which can save them a great deal of money.

Laura's Lean Influencer Instagram Stories Content

Overall, leveraging influencer Instagram Stories for marketing campaigns is a great way to utilize influencer followings for advertising purposes. It can be easy to forget about the importance Instagram Stories play in an influencer driven campaign, but it is always important to remember the different avenues and story angles influencers can take as they often times can yield positive results at cheaper price than the classic Instagram feed post.

If you're looking for help connecting with Instagram Influencers and launching an influencer programs, contact us using the form below!