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Mar 15 The Multi-Channel Network Experience: Carusele’s Guide for Content Producers

No Multi-Channel Network is complete without its greatest asset – a strong core of premium content producers.

Carusele™ prides itself on consistently providing clients with beautiful, honest content that highlights their brand in an organic manner. While the definition of a “content producer” will be constantly evolving to reflect the latest in social media trends, we have compiled this list of FAQ’s to further explain the Carusele/Content Producer relationship.

Am I a Content Producer?

If you currently consider yourself to be an influencer, the chances are good that you’d fall under Carusele’s definition of “content producer.” In its broadest sense, content producers can be anyone who does just that – produce original content for a social media channel. However, Carusele takes great care to create partnerships with the best of the best. If you have an exceptionally large following in a niche category, then we want you! The beauty of working with a Multi-Channel Network is that we don’t care where you’re posting (be it on your personal blog, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vine, YouTube, or otherwise). What matters most is finding the right content producers for our client.

Why would I want to work with Carusele?

In just seven months’ time, Carusele has already produced campaigns for eleven world-class brands. We can connect you with the companies and brands that you use on an everyday basis. What’s more, once we’ve found a content producer who creates impressive, unique content, we want to continue fostering that relationship for as long as we possibly can. While Carusele would never pair a content producer with brands that don’t align with their interests (that would be bad for the brand, bad for our content producers, and bad for us) – we love our partners and want to keep working with you whenever there’s a campaign that fits.


Furthermore, Carusele is not your agent. We seek you out as partners, not as a client. We aren’t here to stifle your voice or creative vision. We want to partner with you because you are the expert. Brands continually return to Carusele for our fresh, organic media, which incorporates their products and/or messages in a creative, authentic way. Without you, we wouldn’t be the thriving new media company that we’ve become today.

How do I work with Carusele?

If you’re interested in partnering with us, all you have to do is take five minutes to join the Carusele Influencer Network here. Though our network operates using TapInfluence software, you will not be signing up to be part of the TapInfluence Network (meaning, you will not be contacted by outside brands or influencer communities). We are simply utilizing TapInfluence software to ensure seamless campaign management. However, if you already have a TapInfluence account, you can also join our Carusele Influencer Network using your existing profile.


Once you’re part of our network we’ll be able to contact you about projects that would be a natural fit for your channels. As we said before, the most crucial part of Carusele’s job is to connect the right content producer with the right campaign – so be sure to provide us with the most accurate information about your social media presence. We want to know what makes you unique and where your true passions lie.

What types of content producers can work with Carusele?

In short – everyone! Carusele’s content producer needs are entirely dependent on our clients’ marketing goals. Thus far, we have worked with many content producers from the lifestyle, food, fashion, beauty, and entertainment categories, but we never know what brands are coming down the pipeline. We’re always looking to connect our clients with the freshest, most forward-thinking content producers that are out there today – so join our network and we’ll be in touch!