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Jan 12 Carusele Media Serves 1 Billion Impressions of Native Advertising Since Launch

Content Marketing Company, Carusele Media, leads industry less than a year after launch.


Carusele, a content marketing company focused on scaled content creation and distribution for brands, announced today that it has served an estimated 1 billion impressions for its clients since launch, according to Jim Tobin, Carusele president.


The company, started by leading social media marketing agency Ignite Social Media, sells packaged content marketing campaigns for brands that include both guaranteed content creation and guaranteed reach.


The company began operating in stealth mode in March 2014 before making its formal launch at an announcement in March 2015 in Austin, Texas. The company ended up selling $2m in programs in 2015, the firm's freshman year. Since beginning, the team has worked on over 50 Carusele programs for well-known consumer brands.


"In a world where people discover products on social media as frequently as they use a search engine to find them, we've engineered a product that gets our client's content everywhere," said Jim Tobin, president of Carusele Media. "In fact, Content Everywhere™ is our mantra. It's no longer enough to have your message on just your website, or just your brand Facebook page. Carusele gets those messages everywhere they need to be."


The company's philosophy is that branded content can and should live all across the web, as content flows across channels seamlessly.


"We're just getting started," said Carusele co-owner Marcie Brogan. "We've increased our staff by 50% and increased our number of content producers by 50%. We've got great client relationships, an innovative product and funding to fuel our growth. We're expecting a strong 2016."


About Carusele

Carusele, headquartered in the Research Triangle region of North Carolina, utilizes a handcrafted network of over 7,500 content producers to create high-quality, shareable, branded content and then actively manages it through organic syndication, paid syndication and aggregation. The result is scaled, targeted audience reach. More at:


About Ignite Social Media

Ignite Social Media, founded in 2007, created an innovative, specialized approach used to power social media marketing for some of the world's best brands. As one of North America's first social media agencies, we know how to turn business objectives into realities in creative, strategic and measurable ways. More at: