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Feb 27 Carusele Releases Calculator to Allow Brands to Estimate True Views from Their Own Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Tool Designed to Lift Veil from “Max Potential” Campaigns

Carusele True Views CalculatorCarusele, a leading influencer marketing agency, today announced the release of a new free tool designed to let anyone calculate the likely amount of real impressions generated from a given influencer marketing program. The True Views Calculator does not require submission of an email address nor any personally identifiable information, so it can be freely used by any brand, retailer or agency to analyze planned or completed campaigns.  

“For too long, influencer marketing has used this fiction of ‘max potential impressions’ where everyone pretends that 100% of each influencers’ followers can see every post. This has never been true, but the argument has been ‘this is the best we can do’ with the data we have,” said Jim Tobin, Founder and President of Carusele. “After completing 150 programs, we have true view impression counts for so many campaigns. We then supplemented this with data from our sister company, Ignite Social Media, who runs social network channels for lots of brands. Pulling this data together, we can build a highly predictive calculator of how many people are actually seeing your influencer content.”

The calculator uses average true view rates by channel, including posts appearing on Facebook, Instagram, Blog, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube as well as any paid impressions that were boosted during an influencer campaign.

“What we see is agencies promising brands huge amounts of max potential impressions when we know from experience that the true views are typically somewhere between only 7 and 12 percent of what they’re promising,” said Erin Ledbetter, SVP of Carusele who built the calculator. “It’s nonsense. But until this calculator, there was no valid way to calculate true views for every different campaign format. Now it’s easy.”  

The True Views Calculator for Influencer Campaigns is available at:   

About Carusele

Carusele, which won the 2017 Small Agency of the Year Award at the Shorty Awards, utilizes a hand-crafted network of over 55,000 content producers to produce premium influencer campaigns for leading brands and retailers. The company was spun out of Ignite Social Media (the 2016 Social Media Agency of the Year Worldwide) in 2015. Carusele is also known for developing a series of algorithms for measuring influencer marketing success and offering clients four ways to optimize their campaigns with results guaranteed.