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Aug 20 Carusele's New Approach to Influencer Marketing Competes with Pay-Per-Click


Carusele, Influencer Marketing AgencyCarusele, an award-winning influencer marketing agency, announced today a new optimization package that can make influencer marketing competitive with pay-per-click advertising for many industries. The new programs, which leverage real-time data from ongoing influencer marketing programs to inform and optimize campaign performance over time, even provide guaranteed levels of web traffic for e-commerce clients.

“While the majority of marketers have invested in influencer marketing, too many are still struggling to effectively measure their ROI,” said Jim Tobin, Founder and President of Carusele. “We wanted to show our clients that influencer isn’t about max potential impressions, which is an industry fiction, but instead about metrics that matter like sales lift, e-commerce conversions, and qualified web traffic.”

The agency, spun out of its sister company Ignite Social Media in 2015, began implementing their new approach earlier this year for clients in fashion, food, and financial services. Tobin said their three- to six-month long programs allow for better optimizations of content, influencers, targeting, and platforms, thereby allowing for guaranteed results.

“Each campaign we run is unique,” said Erin Ledbetter, Senior Vice President of Carusele. “For one program, we saw a 400% improvement in performance when we switched to an ongoing methodology. For another, we’re seeing the cost-per-click of an ongoing program is 47% less than a one-time effort. Why other influencer marketing programs aren’t optimized like this is beyond me.”

Carusele’s approach to influencer marketing has always been different than the traditional process that solely leverages an influencer’s organic reach. Instead, Carusele layers in advanced media targeting that allows them to reach a client’s exact target audience at a much larger and more accurate scale. Additionally, their proprietary algorithms for identifying top-performing content and ranking influencer performance not only feeds into their live campaigns, but helps clients adjust other marketing strategies for overall effectiveness.


Winner of the 2017 Small Agency of the Year Award, alongside 40 other significant industry awards, Carusele utilizes a hand-crafted network of content creators to produce premium influencer marketing campaigns for leading consumer brands and retailers. They’re the only agency providing guaranteed results and well known for developing a series of proprietary algorithms for measuring influencer marketing success.

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