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Feb 27 Five Mommy Influencers You Should Be Following

At Carusele, we work with hundreds of influencers across a wide variety of categories and we’re always adding talented creators to our rosters. When we work with a brand, we never do opt-in assignments, but rather we hand-select influencers to create original content and share it to their social networks. These five influencers were stars of recent eCommerce and CPG campaigns and we invite you to check out their Instagram accounts for inspiration.

Sarah Tucker

Mommy Blogger for Carusele

This Florida mom mixes chic beach style and motherhood with gorgeous results.


Kendra Gwendolyn | Closet Confection


Mommy blogger for Carusele

Based in NYC, she shares her love of fashion, travel, beauty, cooking and motherhood with her audiences.


Hayley Free Bordes | Little Free and Me


Mommy Blogger for Carusele

This Houston lifestyle influencer covers all things around fashion, travel, cooking and life with a three-year-old.

Angela Kim | Mommy Diary


Mommy Blogger for Carusele

Living in So Cal with her family, her blog inspires moms everywhere through authentic stories of motherhood, home and selfcare.


Erin Staples | Sixth Bloom

Mommy blogger for Carusele


This Mississippi based photographer captures the joys of motherhood with her camera.


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