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Oct 09 How Facebook Premieres Can Help Improve Influencer Live Streams

Last week Facebook launched Premieres, a new way to post videos, schedule in advance, and to tell your fans that a new video is coming. This could solve a lot of the problems with live videos from influencers that brands see.

Before we dig into the influencer marketing aspect, let's talk about the requirements of how to use Facebook Premieres.

  1. First, you must have a fan page. So, if you're an influencer with a personal page, not going to work. It has to be a business page.
  2. Second, you have to upload the video from a computer. Mobile uploading is not yet available, but we imagine it will come out one day.
  3. Finally, it has to be the first time uploading the video to Facebook. You can't take an old video and re-upload it as a Premiere, thus the word Premiere.


Another interesting feature worth noting is that you must schedule the video either 10 minutes from the present time all the way to seven days in advance, and it notifies your fans that you have a video coming. You can even schedule out multiple videos at once if you'd like. 

When it comes to live influencer marketing, this new feature solves many of the issues that prevent brands from letting their influencer conduct live streams. Now, you no longer have to worry if the influencer is going to make unwarranted claims about the product, or fear that they've forget to use proper FTC disclosures throughout the video. Perhaps more importantly, by being able to review the content prior to publishing, you can confirm that the influencer isn't misrepresenting the product and that they've gotten the brand messaging right.

Our one major watch-out with Facebook Premieres is to try and make sure your video still feels like a live video. People still have the ability to react and comment in real time, so you want people to consume the content the same way they would a live video. 

So take a look at Facebook Premieres. We think it's an excellent tool to help influencer marketing live streams.