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Apr 29 Infographic: The Influencer Marketing Process

Everything you need to run a successful influencer marketing campaign.

Influencer marketing isn't easy. For an industry that's been continuously evolving for over a decade, you'd think that we'd have it all figured out by now. A large part of the struggle is because there are SO many different pieces to influencer marketing that need to be properly put into place into order to have an all-around successful campaign.

At Carusele, we've run over 150 influencer marketing campaigns for major brands and retailers over the years. We've seen many trends rise and fall, and instead of going along with those trends we've stuck to our unique methodology that's proven to drive measurable business results for our clients. Now, we see a new trend emerging as more and more brands begin taking influencer marketing in-house. While setting up an internal team isn't a mistake, it has the potential to be one if your team isn't properly prepared to handle everything that's required of them.

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To help set your brand up for success, we developed an in-depth infographic that dives into 12 different steps teams and agencies need to prepare for. Everything from laying out your campaign budget, to measuring campaign performance, to sending out important tax documents is covered below, accompanied by different cheat sheets and white papers that dig a little deeper as needed.


The Influencer Marketing Process Infographic by Carusele


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