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Feb 16 Setting Intentions that make sense for Influencers this 2023

Influencers have a unique platform when it comes to resolutions that can make an impact beyond themselves. If you're an influencer, here are 2023 resolutions that just make sense. 


With the value of the influencer marketing space now sitting at a whopping $16 billion, it’s clear to see how much of an asset influencers and content creators can be for a brand that wants to sell, promote and spread a message to a large, varied, and engaged audience. 

Truly, every new year is an opportune time for influencers to evaluate where they are and start making meaningful changes. With a platform that has the potential to inspire others and make positive impacts, influencers have a unique opportunity to use their resolutions as a way to do just that.   

This 2023, here are some resolutions every influencer should consider to maximize their platform’s potential and achieve success. 

1. Reconnect and rethink your blogging platform.

Consider how your blog can best serve you and your objectives for 2023. Is the content still relevant? Can it be improved upon? Do you need to make any changes to the format, design, or overall feel of your blog? 

2022 really defined the future of blogging, as more people than ever before turned to digital media for their entertainment and news. According to Orbit Media, 80% of bloggers report that blogging drives results.  

For influencers who want to get a wider reach this 2023, consider investing in an engaging blogsite and make it your key asset. If you've already done blogging before, try to think of ways you can refresh your content and shake things up to stay ahead in the game.

2. Indulge more in vertical video — Reels, TikTok, and Shorts are your new best friends.  

It’s no secret that video marketing is rapidly growing in popularity, and vertical video is becoming the new standard. With platforms like Instagram Reels, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts gaining more traction each day, now is a great time to start learning how to create content effectively for these platforms.  

By mastering the art of shooting vertical videos and editing them for social media platforms, influencers can reach a wider and more engaged audience. A few things you can try to get started: 

  • Experiment with editing techniques and templates,  
  • Create different types of content,  
  • Understand how to use in-app features, 
  • Make use of trending audio,  
  • Use easy-to-use video editor apps. 


3. Social Media is an everchanging landscape, diversify and cope with change.

The market for influencers is highly volatile, as trends and technologies can change drastically from one year to the next. It’s important for influencers to diversify their strategies beyond just Instagram or blogging if they want to stay successful in the long run.  

Consider ways that you can expand your reach this 2023 by using different platforms, like YouTube or TikTok, or even branching out into other verticals and content mediums, such as podcasts or webinars. Additionally, you can also create different versions of them for different platforms as a way to expand without doubling your workload. 

A good idea would be: posting a long form video on YouTube, trimming it down for a short TikTok video, and post images on Facebook with a link to your blog where they YouTube video is embedded. Explore other ways to diversify your content and create new streams. 

4. Tune in with what’s working and constantly review and refine strategies.

As an influencer, one of the most important things you can do is to constantly review and refine your strategies 

Take a close look at content, engagement metrics, and your overall performance on social media and other platforms. Are there any areas you can improve upon? Any changes you need to make to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of content creation?  

It’s imperative to stay up to date with trends and the strategies of other influencers in your field. This way, you can stay ahead of the competition and create content that resonates with your audience. Additionally, take into account the feedback you receive from your followers and implement it into your content to ensure that you’re always providing quality. 

5. Create more fulfilling content as platforms get crowded.

With the increasing number of content creators on social media platforms, it's important for influencers to make sure their content stands out. Consider ways you can upgrade your visuals and storytelling techniques this 2023 so that your followers will take notice. Try different mediums and explore new ideas to distinguish yourself from other competitors in the market.  

Additionally, think of ways you can add value to your followers’ lives. With the constant influx of content, it's important to ensure that yours is truly meaningful and relevant. Setting intentions that make sense for influencers this 2023 should be focused on creating content that will inspire, inform, or entertain their audiences.

6. Be mindful of the limitations and restrictions.

Though social media gives us a platform to reach out to our audiences, there are always limitations and restrictions that need to be kept in mind. Make sure you understand the rules of each platform and always remain mindful of the content you post or share.  

Setting intentions that make sense for influencers this 2023 should involve being aware of what is acceptable and unacceptable on social media, as any violation of platform terms can lead to potential problems down the line. But more so, it also affects the reputation you’re building online.  

It’s not trying to stay on the clean side, but it’s knowing what’s too much and what’s not on social media.  A few things you can take note of from Code of Ethics for Bloggers, Social Media and Content Creators: 

  • Be critical of everything, even yourself. 
  • Reveal your sources unless doing so can harm your sources.  
  • Always give credit where credit is due. 
  • Admit and correct your mistakes immediately. 

To make it simpler, here are what you should be doing as a mindful influencer: 

  • Be mindful of using copyrighted audio and videos. 
  • Make disclosures directly within your endorsements or collaborations. 
  • Understand your local laws and see if your content abides by it. 
  • Avoid sensitive topics such as politics, religion, child abuse, and racial and ethnic communities. You can, however, ensure that you’re being respectful when expressing your views. 
  • Maintain the integrity of the content you post by being truthful, honest, and transparent.  


It's also good to note that social media platforms are always changing and updating their policies, so it's important to stay on top of any new changes. 

Quick links on community policies and guidelines: 


7. Be more selective in what you want to do

With so much competition, influencers need to be more selective in the content they create and the opportunities they take on. Set intentions involve being mindful of the projects and partnerships you decide to pursue. Instead of taking on every opportunity that comes their way, focus on finding the ones that are most relevant to your niche, to your community and in campaigns that you truly believe in.   

As social media continues to encourage authenticity, it's important for influencers to be authentic to show their true side — either in their work, collaboration, or within their content. We think influencers have a different level of power and influence when they take charge of things that they wanted to achieve with their platform — either that's to inspire people, educate, or simply become a resource for their community. 

The Bottom Line 

Setting intentions that make sense for influencers this 2023 should involve having a clear understanding of the ever-changing landscape of social media, as well as being mindful of the opportunities they decide to pursue. With the right strategies and an eye for quality content, influencers will be able to expand their reach and cultivate meaningful relationships with their audiences in the year ahead.  

Intention-setting is not a woo-woo term but has its roots in an in depth goal-setting, and is an easy step to tap into your inner creative self. 

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