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Introducing The Influencer Content Targeting System™

The industry is about to change with a new influencer content targeting system developed by carusele.   Influencer marketing as we know it has come a long way since the first semblance of this...

Content Strategies for Retail Brands

Don't let your content strategies underperform any longer.   For many modern retailers, the marketing content they promote often falls short of its full potential. While many content strategies focus...

Three Reasons Influencer Marketing Must Be More than Just PR
Three Reasons Influencer Marketing Must Be More than Just PR

While PR is an effective tool, influencer marketing plays a much bigger role in the future.   PR used to involve sending a press release to newspapers, magazines and TV networks — traditional media...

The Change in Influencer Marketing from PR Strategy to Media Strategy

Why influencer marketing should be considered part of a long-term media strategy. "Is word of mouth all it's cracked up to be?" asked Forbes magazine in 2006. Back then, influencer marketing was in...

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