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What Makes Influencers Want to Work with Brands?

We've understood why marketers are working with influencers, but what makes an influencer want to continue to work with brands? About ten years ago, brands started to realize that bloggers and...

The Problems Influencers Encounter When Working with Brands

Carusele influencers open up about some of the struggles they encounter when working with brands.

These Gender-Bending Influencers are Reshaping the Beauty Industry

The beauty industry is leading change with influencer marketing. When CoverGirl announced on Instagram and Twitter earlier this month that James Charles, the 17-year-old beauty influencer was the...

When Consumers Use Ad Blockers, How Do You Deliver Your Message?

As more consumers utilize ad blockers, is your content reaching your target audience? Ad blocking – you’ve heard about it but are you changing your marketing strategy to ensure your message is...

Brands: Stop Over-Generalizing Millennials

It's important for brands to understand that not all Millennials think alike.