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How Walgreens Worked with Influencers to Drive App Downloads
How Walgreens Worked with Influencers to Drive App Downloads

By running multiple influencer campaigns a year, Walgreens shares how they were able to drive app downloads and more with influencers. Influencer marketing – it may well be the most talked about...

Content Strategies for Retail Brands

Don't let your content strategies underperform any longer.   For many modern retailers, the marketing content they promote often falls short of its full potential. While many content strategies focus...

Retailers: 6 Tips to Get the Most from Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

In order to develop an influencer marketing campaign that achieves your objectives, there are a few things to keep in mind.   As a retailer, you probably already know that influencer marketing is a...

Identifying Influencers: It’s Time to Go Beyond the Low-Hanging Fruit

Identifying influencers for your campaigns won't be easy, but it's crucial to find the right ones. START WITH PEOPLE FIRST! We’ve mentioned before our fondness for Forester's POST methodology and...

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