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Aug 25 A Comprehensive List of Advertising Restrictions on Social Networks

A Comprehensive List of Advertising Restrictions on Social Networks

Keeping up with advertising restrictions is a key factor in managing a successful influencer campaign, but can be very difficult considering the rules are different for every platform AND they're updated and changing constantly. One example of this is a recent update from Pinterest recently banning weight-loss ads, something that drastically changes how a nutrition company is able to advertise its products. Instead of digging around through the internet, or worse, having your ads blocked after all your hard work, save yourself time with the complete list below of advertising restrictions on social networks (as of August 2021). 

Facebook and Instagram

Here is the list of advertising restrictions that are allowed on Facebook and/or Instagram only after you’ve met Facebook requirements.

  1. Alcohol
  2. Dating
  3. Online Gambling and Gaming
  4. Promotion of Online Pharmacies
  5. Promotion of Over-The-Counter Drugs
  6. Subscription Services
  7. Financial and Insurance Products and Services
  8. Branded Content
  9. Ads About Social Issues, Elections or Politics
  10. Disclaimers for Ads About Social Issues, Elections or Politics
  11. Cryptocurrency Products and Services
  12. Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment
  13. Cosmetic Procedures and Wellness
  14. Social Casino Games
  15. Promotion of Prescription Drugs



TikTok restricts the following ad content.

  1. Alcohol
  2. Gambling and Lotteries
  3. Religion and Culture
  4. Protection of Minors
  5. Weight Control/Management
  6. Body Image
  7. HFSS Food and Drink (HFSS is short for foods high in fat, salt or sugar)


Here is the full list of restricted ads on LinkedIn.

  1. Animal Products
  2. Alcohol
  3. Dating Services
  4. Soliciting Funds
  5. Short Term Loans


Twitter has advertising restrictions that are easy to follow. The social media platform does not allow out-of-the-ordinary ads.

  1. Adult Sexual Content
  2. Alcohol Content:
  3. Cause-based Advertising
  4. Copyright
  5. Counterfeit Goods
  6. Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia
  7. Endangered Species
  8. Financial Products and Services
  9. Gambling Content
  10. Hateful Content
  11. Healthcare
  12. Inappropriate Content
  13. Malware and Software Downloads
  14. Political Content
  15. Prohibited Content for Minors
  16. Quality
  17. State Media
  18. Tobacco and Tobacco Accessories
  19. Unauthorized Ticket Sales
  20. Unacceptable Business Practices
  21. Weapons and Weapon Accessories



Pinterest restricts the following ad content.

  1. Alcohol
  2. Contests and Sweepstakes
  3. Financial Products
  4. Gambling Products
  5. Healthcare Products
  6. Weight Loss Products and Services



Reddit’s restricted ad lists follow suit like any other social media platform. Here are some of the ads that Reddit restricts.

  1. Alcohol
  2. Third-Party Rights
  3. Gambling and Gambling Related Services 
  4. Political Advertisements
  5. Unofficial Resale of Event Tickets 
  6. Live Animals
  7. Dating Services 
  8. Financial/Cryptocurrency Products and Services
  9. Health and Wellness
  10. Recreational Drugs


When it comes to advertising on social networks, you have to follow the rules if you want your investment to be successful. Following the above guidelines will ensure your ads get approved faster and ultimately reach your audiences.

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