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Feb 05 UPCOMING MASTER CLASS: 9 Influencer Marketing Metrics to Impress Your C-Suite

Measuring influencer marketing in a meaningful way is simple, but it's not easy. So we're introducing a Master Class, starting next Tuesday, February 12th at two o'clock Eastern, going through nine different ways you can potentially measure your influencer marketing in a way that's going to impress your C-Suite.

Now, not all nine of these methods are going to work for your brand. There is no one silver bullet for influencer marketing, that's what makes this a little tricky. But for each of the nine, we're going to walk through the pros and cons of each, and what you need to do to use those particular measurements. We'll talk about some that have no incremental need for a budget, and others where the budget has to be in excess of $400,000, to get enough scale to expect it to work.

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