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Jun 15 What Makes for a Good Influencer Marketing Agency Client

crunchmaster influencer workA good client is one that’s hard to find. Today, master the art of being a top-notch client and learn how it impacts both campaign managers and influencers in the marketing realm.  

In the world of influencer marketing, building strong relationships between marketers and influencers is crucial for long-term success. But not all clients are created equal, and some surprising issues may be hurting your campaigns.  

We’ve run literally hundreds of programs for a wide array of clients, so we feel somewhat qualified to explore the characteristics of good and bad clients and discuss why striving to be a good client can translate into better results for your brand. 

The Good Client: A Recipe for Success 

A good client possesses several key traits that make working with them a pleasure. These qualities contribute to a productive and positive partnership, ultimately leading to more effective influencer marketing campaigns. Some indicators of a good client include:

  1. Clear communication: Good clients openly share their goals, expectations, and concerns with the people they work with. For influencer programs, this is particularly important in the briefing, which we call the Welcome Packet. It needs to be detailed enough to provide strong guardrails for the creator, but have enough flexibility to be create. 
  2. Realistic expectations: We sometimes get approached by marketers who expect creators to do a ton of work for very low pay. Creators do this for a living, so $250 from your brand is not likely to get them too excited unless they are brand new to the field and need some experience. (They’d need to complete 200 assignments at this level to gross $50,000.) Similarly, a $20,000 influencer marketing program is not going to generate results better than a $100,000 advertising camapign. This is still a marketing expense.
  3. Respect for the creative process: Good clients recognize that influencers and marketers have valuable insights and ideas. Influencers are NOT creating ads for your brand. They are not your creative agency. They are hired to share their perspective on your brand or products. They are hired to show use cases for your products that get others inspired to try them. They need the freedom to do that.
  4. Commitment to long-term growth: Consistent marketing is always better than one-shot deals. That’s why you still see a talking gecko on TV constantly. Ideally, clients should be to a long-term partnership for mutual growth and success, at least after an initial program or two shows success and good team chemistry. 


Why You Should Strive to Be a Good Client 

Becoming a good client is more than just a matter of courtesy; it's a smart business decision. By fostering a positive and productive working relationship with influencers and marketers, you'll definitely reap the benefits:

  1. Top-notch campaign results: When you communicate clearly, set realistic expectations, and respect the creative process, you enable your agency to design and execute more effective campaigns tailored to your goals.  
  2. Stronger partnerships: Ideally the agency knows more about influencer marketing than you do, and you know more about your product category than the agency. That can be a productive partnership. A good working relationship with your marketing or creator team can lead to increased loyalty, trust, and collaboration. This, in turn, can result in better long-term results and ongoing growth for your brand. 
  3. Creator enthusiasm: Influencers are more likely to want to work with clients who have a reputation for being easy to work with and respectful of their expertise. We’ve actually seen how enthusiastic influencers go above and beyond. They create more content than asked of them and their enthusiasm is obvious in the content. Be careful not to sap that enthusiasm.

Final Thoughts 

In the competitive world of influencer marketing, being a good client is essential for achieving success and fostering strong, lasting relationships with brands, creators and influencers alike. By embracing clear communication, realistic expectations, respect for the creative process, and a commitment to long-term growth, you'll set the stage for better campaign results and a brighter future for your brand.  


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