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May 22 Why You Need to Stop Boosting Your Influencer Content

Boosting Influencer Marketing Content

A repeated conversation in the realm of influencer marketing is boosting your content in order to reach a more engaged audience. There are many benefits to boosting influencer content, but the problem is there is a right way to boost your content and a wrong way to boost your content. It is quintessential to know the difference between "boosting" and amplifying content in order to maximize the benefits of boosting content.

The "Boost" Button

A common misconception about boosting or amplifying your content is simply hitting the "boost" button which may seem like an enticing option. The harsh reality of it is that by hitting the boost button, which you can do on really any branded post, it causes you to have a larger CPM meaning that your return on investment for the individual post will be lower. You have largely limited targeting options and you do not have the ability to look at the post and optimize every day thus reducing the amount of engagement and reach on the post. In addition, the boost button gives you the least amount of control over the targeting and optimization of your influencer created content. There's also no way to add in Custom Look-a-Like audiences, so you'll have one very broad audience. In addition, ad units and the placement of ads are extremely limited and optimization is obsolete. The posts creator, meaning the influencer, can see how much money you are spending on the ad and how long the promotion will run limitations of the Boost Option on Facebook
Boosted Brand Content

Amplifying is the New Boost

Perhaps a more appropriate word than boost for optimizing content would be amplify. When you are amplifying content you are not just hitting the "boost" button and hoping that it reaches your intended audience in the time and place that you hope it does. Instead, when we amplify content we use Ads Manager in order to maximize the optimizing potential so each ad can reach the intended target as needed. When we're using Ads Manager, you get the full sweep with a complete ability to customize the content, change the targeting of the post, and we can even change the format from a link post to a carousel ad. With all of those abilities, we also are able to optimize each post on a day to day basis giving us a vast amount of options that the "boost" button does not allow for.

If you're interested in learning other ways to amplify your influencer content, check out our other post here. Just remember to never hit the "boost" button to boost your influencer content.

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