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Jul 29 7 Unexpected Brands Successfully Leveraging Influencer Marketing

Before investing in any new marketing tactic, the first question we ask ourselves is, "is this right for my brand?" When it comes to influencer marketing, there are often times that brands may say no, when in fact they could be largely successful with an influencer marketing campaign... so long as the right strategy and KPIs are in place.

That said, we've run over 160 influencer marketing campaigns for consumer brands and retailers, but here's the cut of campaigns we found most interesting, challenging, and above all else, successful.

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Unexpected Brands Successfully Leveraging Influencer Marketing

Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina

Finding the right insurance is a challenge for everyone. To help educate South Carolina’s uninsured residents on the availability of low and no-cost premium plans, we partnered with local influencers to share their personal enrollment journey.

During the fall open enrollment period, influencers created content across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Blogs designed to drive interest actions, such as visit the Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina website, visit retail centers or call. Top performing content was then amplified via social boosting to optimize traffic among target audiences.


Medicare Part D

Walgreens is more than your one stop shop for essentials, but also a preferred pharmacy for Medicare Part D participants. Our team build an awareness campaign designed to educate caregivers and Medicare Part D beneficiaries that Walgreens Pharmacists are available to discuss individual plans and answer questions. Influencers worked to drive audiences to the Medicare Part D website and an educational YouTube video to learn more by sharing actual experiences as Medicare Part D recipients or caregivers.
Medicare Part D Influencer Marketing Campaign


Wellspun, HygroCotton

When Welspun wanted to build awareness and educate audiences about the benefits of their HygroCotton® technology, we partnered with over 25 micro-influencers to each share a unique, consumer relevant point-of-view with their followers. From quick tips on how to make house guests more comfortable, to finding the first sheets that keep you cool and comfy at night, to designing a spa-inspired bathroom, influencers created magazine-worthy content that that brought HygroCotton benefits to life.

Additionally, this campaign integrated an influencer hosted sweepstakes that helped spur content engagement and drive additional conversations around the brand while social ads boosting top performing content helped reach the exact target audience.


Fathom Events

In the thirty-five years since Star Trek was in theaters, the movie theater experience has significantly changed, and as Fathom Events prepared to bring one of the most memorable movies in the Star Trek universe back to theaters, Wrath of Khan, we partnered with hard-core trekkies and sci-fi fans to help promote the film. These influencers wrapped personal anecdotes around the brand provided movie trailer and encouraged fans to join them in theaters during this limited time event.

Fathom Events Influencer Marketing Campaign

Canadian Lentils

Hand-selected influential content creators were invited to tour the farm and produce original recipes positioning lentils as a nutritious, versatile, simple pulse for any meal. To broaden the reach of the program, content was syndicated through an influencer network and a paid media strategy. The campaign also featured two social activations, a Twitter Party and a Pinterest board, leveraging existing content, driving engagement and conversation, and featuring Lentils-themed prize packs.

Lentils Influencer Marketing Campaign

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Focusing on creating buzz around the launch of K-Y Duration at Walgreens, this campaign targeted the “Committed Casanova.” Testing boundaries, this campaign involved creating different forms of content on unique channels. Content creators created unique blog posts, memes, videos, and GIFs, which were posted to sites such as Imgur as well as their own personal social channels.

K.Y. Influencer Campaign

Walgreens, Nice!

To build awareness and shift perception of the Nice!® brand from discount national-brand equivalent to trusted, balanced food brand, Carusele partnered with Walgreens VIP influencers to showcase food and beverage products as must buy items for health conscious women. The ambassadors shared personal stories about their smart snacking, healthy travel snacking and more across blogs and social networks accompanied by an influencer hosted Twitter Party. Top performing  #SimplyNice content was then boosted to reach more of the target audience.

Nice! Influencer Campaign


If you think influencer challenging could benefit your brand but you're not sure what the best next step is, contact us today for a free consultation. We'd be happy to help lead your brand through a successful strategy.