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Mar 25 Top Recipe Creating Influencers to Consider in 2019

While you won't have much difficulty finding an influencer who likes to take pictures of food and gets great engagement doing so, recipe creation is an art form not every foodie blogger can master. Of course, the recipes must taste good, but for brands to really stand out the influencer needs to be in touch with the most pin-worthy recipe trends (Instant Pot anyone?), skilled at styling their creations, and have a knack for showcasing the brand in a way that goes beyond just listing it as an ingredient. Our winners in the Best Recipe Creating influencers category have proven themselves in all three key areas. 

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Influential Creator Award Winners - Best Recipe Creators

Influencer Marketing Agency - Carusele - Best Recipe Influencers 2019

Carusele Influencer Marketing - Best Friends for Frosting for Save Mart

Carusele Influencer Marketing - Courtneys Sweets for Barber Foods

Carusele Influencer Marketing - Giggles Galore for Java House

Carusele Influencer Marketing - Girl Inspired for SaveMart

Carusele Influencer Marketing - Mama Harris Kitchen for Save Mart

Carusele Influencer Marketing - Pasta Ragazza for Lucky Supermarkets (2)

Carusele Influencer Marketing - Simply Healthyish for Barber Foods

Carusele Influencer Marketing - Spaceships and Laserbeams for Nice

Carusele Influencer Marketing - The Rising Spoon for Barber Foods



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