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Oct 29 80+ Influencer Marketing Statistics to Help Plan for 2020

Finalize your 2020 strategy armed with these influencer marketing stats

We're two months away from entering the new year, but have you finalized your 2020 influencer marketing plan? Whether you're gearing up to invest in a pilot program or crossing your t's and dotting your i's on an annual ambassador strategy, below are over 80 stats that can help you finalize that strategy.

Before you dive into the infographic, that strategy you're working better have a paid media component (that doesn't involve hitting the boost button)! Why!? It's no secret that organic reach is practically dead... so why do brands continue to invest in influencer marketing programs that solely rely on an influencer's organic following? After you're done reading through these stats below, check out our approach to influencer marketing to make sure you're ready to make an impact in the new year.

80+ Influencer Marketing Statistics

Infographic courtesy of SmallBizGenius

For any questions about these stats or how you can improve your 2020 influencer marketing strategy, contact us, a leading influencer markering agency, using the form below!