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Mar 25 Beauty Influencers Brands Should Consider in 2019

Our picks for the top beauty influencers brands should consider in 2019 are made up of talented creators who have mastered the creation of gorgeous yet attainable make-up looks. They inspire followers to try the latest beauty trends and have proven themselves by moving their followers to action when they find a product they can truly stand behind!

Each of these amazing creators has worked on at least one Carusele influencer marketing campaign (so we can vouch for their work!) and scored high in our iStackTM ranking of influencers who most effectively and efficiently deliver on brand objectives. 

About Carusele: Carusele is the only influencer marketing agency providing guaranteed results, such as reach, engagement, web traffic, and conversions, to America’s best brands and retailers. As an award-winning influencer marketing company, Carusele has developed a proven, data-based model designed to track, test and score influencer content performance, thereby identifying the best performing influencer content in real time.  Top performing influencer content is then syndicated to ensure optimized reach among the brand's exact target audience and deliver against measurable business objectives, including sales. 

<< Read on for more insight on how we selected this year's winners of our Influential Creator Awards >>

Influential Creator Award Winners - Best Beauty Influencers for 2019

Influencer Marketing Agency - Best Beauty Influencers

Carusele Influencer Marketing - Bright on a Budget for Jordana

Carusele Influencer Marketing - Miriam Morales for Jordana Cosmetics

Carusele Influencer Marketing - Beauty 101 Blog for Almay

Carusele Influencer Marketing - Fab Ellis for Almay

Carusele Influencer Marketing - Mama in Heels for Revlon

Carusele Influencer Marketing - Love for Lacquer for Revlon

Carusele Influencer Marketing - Slashed Beauty for Walgreens

Carusele Influencer Marketing - Peppermint Lips Blog for Well at Walgreens


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