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Mar 16 How to Break Through March Madness with Influencer Marketing

There's no need for brands to hold off on influencer marketing campaigns during events like March Madness.

Whenever large social events come around, like the Super Bowl or March Madness, many marketers begin to ask if they should hold off on their influencer marketing programs until all the noise from the event concludes.

Well, despite the obnoxiousness of certain fans (*cough* Jim Tobin *cough*) the answer is no.

Why? Because the noise in the newsfeed is constant. There are billions of updates on Facebook and Snapchat and Twitter all the time. The fact that a bunch of these updates will be focused on basketball or football or a holiday for the next month doesn't impact your influencer marketing programs.

In fact, if your target audience isn’t personally interested in the big event or occasion, perhaps they only follow beauty influencers, they may not ever notice there’s a tournament going on. But for those who are a bit more involved in basketball (again… *cough* Jim Tobin *cough*), their newsfeed is organically going to be basketball related but also balance out with everything else within their personal interests. This information about your audience's interest should already be in your marketing strategy and part of your target audience persona.

During these times of the year brand marketers need to focus on making sure their influencers are creating high-quality content and that they have a system in place to amplify the best content to the people who truly care. If you can accomplish that, then the noise of a tournament like March Madness won't slow you down a bit.

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