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Jul 30 Can an Influencer Influence Audiences That Don't Follow Them?

Where Does Influence Come From?

There was a debate on eMarketer recently where brands were wondering about the efficiency of amplifying influencer content from the influencers own social channels. A lot of agencies felt this was not a good idea and I think that's because they're misremembering where influence comes from. Influence is the ability to change the behavior of someone. Influence does not come from a person, rather it comes from an idea, concept, or something you are learning about that excites you, something that you want to try, that's where influence comes from. This can come from people that you have never heard of; for example, when you're scrolling through social media and you see something interesting like a new product, a tutorial video, or a cool picture and you click on it without even knowing who posted it. 


The Benefits of Running Ads from Influencers Social Channels

We see in research piece after research piece that people take feedback and recommendations from not only people they know but also people that are similar to them that they see online. These influencer accounts always rank higher than the brand itself because it shows the necessary authenticity it takes to really influence someone. So if you can have a compelling message in front of somebody with the propensity to buy, even if they don't follow that influencer, they are likely to get a good reaction.

Another reason for amplifying content from an influencer's own social channels is increasing efficiency. One of the challenges for both brands an influencers who are only posting organically is that you don't get a high percentage of your followers to see the content that way. When you compare the organic posts against the boosted content, even if the engagement rate, click rate or whatever metric you're using goes down slightly on a percentage basis, you're able to efficiently get True Views of the boosted content with an engaged audience so that the total efficiency is in fact higher. 

If you're looking for assistance with your influencer marketing campaigns and wondering if you should test out this approach, contact us today and we'll get a free consultation set up for you.