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May 08 Carusele Develops New Assessment Outlining 25 Ways to Measure Influencer Marketing



This article originally appeared on Newswire, on May 8, 2018

Carusele, a leading influencer marketing agency, announced today the release of a sophisticated new self-guided quiz entitled, “The 2018 Influencer Marketing Maturity Assessment.” The quiz is designed for consumer brands, retailers, and consumer services to evaluate the state of their current influencer marketing strategy while educating themselves on 25 different ways they can measure the value of their investments.

“One of the major issues we’ve heard marketers struggle with over the years is the lack of ability to show meaningful results from their influencer marketing campaigns,” said Jim Tobin, President of Carusele. “This quiz not only allows brands to evaluate the sophistication of their programs but gives them the resources to elevate their efforts and drive real results.”

The quiz is accompanied by Carusele’s new white paper, 25 Ways to Measure Influencer Marketing in 2018, which Carusele’s Senior Vice President, Erin Ledbetter, helped develop.

“Many of the campaigns that we’re seeing across the industry focus on measuring vanity metrics and don’t drive back to the brands business objectives,” Ledbetter states. “At Carusele, we’ve been able to develop many more insights that brands are capable of gathering. Many just aren’t using them yet.”

Brands interested in taking the free assessment can do so at:

Additionally, those interested in downloading the white paper can do so at:

About Carusele

Carusele, which won the 2017 Small Agency of the Year Award at the Shorty Awards, utilizes a hand-crafted network of over 7,500 content producers to produce premium influencer campaigns for leading brands and retailers. The company was spun out of Ignite Social Media (the 2016 Social Media Agency of the Year Worldwide) in 2015.  More at: