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Aug 16 What To Do With Your Influencer Content After The Campaign

Don't Let Your Influencer Content Go To Waste


Are you taking advantage of your influencer content after the campaign is over? If not, below we've broken down how to bridge the gap between your influencer campaigns and your social content strategy in order to make the most out of our your influencer marketing investment.

Don't Pose A Threat

Now typically, the people who hire us are either on the PR team, the digital team, or the e-commerce team, and the people responsible for posting on the brand's social channels are typically on the community management or content creation teams; meaning they're not on the same team. So the first step is to ensure that this strategy isn't seen as a threat to the content team but as an additive that can make their jobs easier. Inform them that you have these 40, 50, 60 pieces of content, and it really could be really good social content.

Let The Data Talk for Itself

It's also beneficial to know that we've found with our clients who do use the content, typically it performs at, or most often above, the content that is created by the in-house folks. But again, you need to make this not sound like a threat to the content team. To do this, let the data talk for itself. At Carusele, we stack rank each and every piece of content based on its performance in the wild. So you can see not only here's a group of Facebook content, here's a group of Instagram content, here's a group of tweets, but which ones did the best out in the wild and which ones did the worst. This way it's not your opinion versus the content manager's opinion; this is what actually did well. And the fact that you're leveraging the influencer's third-party credibility on your brand channels will also influence audiences in a more meaningful way, again enhancing the worth of the content.

Having a Filing Structure in Place

Finally, you need to make sure you have a filing structure that's going to let you find this content when you need it. For example, it may be Halloween content, or it may be back to school content and you may want to use it again in 12 months in addition to using it right now. If you're doing to do that, what structure is in place that will help you remember where it is, and remember how it performed so that you can use it again. If you do this right, you potentially have thousands and thousands of dollars' worth of really valuable content at your disposal, provided that you have the rights to use this content.

As long as you have the rights, the data on what content did well, and the ability to find that content when you need it, it can be a really beneficial addition to your social media marketing team's efforts.