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May 19 Learning the Language of Emojis

In an increasingly mobile world, we're breaking down 3 Reasons Why Marketers Should Learn the Language of Emojis.

Aside from the occasional use of a simple Smile Emoji  or Wink Emoji to ensure the recipient understood messages were meant in good humor, I’ve never been a fan of using emojis to communicate. Honestly, use of these characters has always seemed pretty stupid to me. I mean really, what the hell are you trying to tell me with that smiling pile of poo?! Maybe you would use it to say something is a piece of S@*t, but it’s smiling so then does it become a positive thing? I’M SO CONFUSED!!!

Unfortunately, there is a big problem with my Poop Emoji attitude about emojis. I now have no choice but to learn the emoji language and here are three reasons why.

  • It’s a Global Language: There has been a shift in the way we communicate. Everything is so very visual and emojis have become a way to overcome the limits of individual native languages to allow everyone worldwide to communicate with a universal language.



  • Emojis + Social Media = Love Emoji With the launch of Domino’s Tweet-to-order method, emoticons are making their way into our everyday lives. If you can place a pizza order for delivery with a few simple emoticon Tweets, just imagine the possibilities for the future.

So like it or not, emojis must now become a part of my social language. Truth be told, I don’t hate them. A simple emoji from my spouse, a friend or even my boss can make a bad day good again. Even more so, they’ve given me a new challenge – find innovative and meaningful ways to use emoticons in content marketing.