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Oct 02 Not All Influencer Content Influences; How to Find Your Top-Performing Assets

Does all influencer content outperform other types of content?

Last week at the Detroit Digital Summit, I was asked about to clarify a common myth about influencer marketing and influencer content. The myth states that just because an influencer created content, it's somehow magically better than what the brand or an agency can create. Of course, I say this is a myth because it's not true, and here's why.


Let's start by saying if you took 1000 pieces of influencer content and stacked them up against the 1000 pieces of agency or brand created content, it is possible that the influencers will genuinely score higher. However, what we know from having produced tens of thousands of pieces of influencer content and scoring each one, there can be a huge difference between top performing content and bottom performing content. This difference still exists whether your metric is engagements, impressions, clicks to a website, etc.

In fact, what we have found is that consistently 20 to 25% of the content in a given influencer program separates itself from the rest. Knowing what this content is means you have to treat the content differently. You can't take each piece of content that is produced and act like it's the same. For example, you can just boost each of piece of content equally because they're influencer. You still, like you have to do with any other digital marketing effort, have to figure out which pieces are performing well and then have a plan for getting them in front of the right people.

Hopefully dispelling this myth helps with your influencer marketing strategy. and you can factor that into your next campaign. If you don't have the in-house capabilities to execute this type of program or identify your top-performing influencer assets easily, contact us today and we'll see how we can help.