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Nov 14 Quality Influencer Audience Analysis Available with Carusele's New Rating System

Quality Influencer Audience Analysis from Carusele, Influencer Marketing AgencyNew system allows clients to see the quality of a given influencers' audience based on real-time data insights

Today we're proud to announce the release of our enhanced rating system that provides quality assurance for brands on the audience makeup of influencers being considered for a given program. The new system, called qStack™, uses real time data to identify an influencers’ audience authenticity, audience engagement, and audience growth. Complementing our eight-step vetting process, qStack requires that influencers meet or exceed benchmarks in at least two of the three categories in order to be considered for a brand campaign.

“Fake followers and fake engagements are major concerns across the industry,” said Jim Tobin, Founder and President of Carusele. “While we’ve always vetted influencers thoroughly, this new system is designed to allow our clients to see the quality of a given influencer based on real data insights.”

 “At the end of the day, keeping our clients safe is the number one priority,” said Erin Ledbetter, Senior Vice President of Carusele. “Just last week, the FTC released new guidelines and within the hour we had a brief out to every client informing them of the changes. qStack is just another way to keep clients safe as they prepare to partner with new influencers.”

Our qStack rating system isn’t the first proprietary system we've developed for client success. Over the past five years, our agency also rolled out the iStack™ system, ranking the performance of influencers, and cStack™ system, ranking the performance of content, among several others.

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For more information about our influencer marketing agency and the unique approach we take to influencer marketing, contact us today using the form below. We're leveraging real-time data from influencer marketing programs to inform and optimize campaign performance for leading consumer brands and retailers. We're also one of the only agencies providing guaranteed results and are well known for developing a series of proprietary algorithms for measuring influencer marketing success.