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Oct 25 Carusele Adds New Algorithm to Influencer Marketing Campaign Reporting

The new algorithm is designed to not only rank influencer-produced content, but help inform a brands content strategy.

Carusele, the Influencer Content Targeting System™, today announced the release of their new Content Performance Index, or cStack™, that ranks influencer content against both other content in each campaign as well as related content across previous campaigns. The new algorithm not only adds depth to influencer campaign reporting, but also provides a way for brands to predict what content will perform well on their owned social channels.

“Brands have begun to realize that the quality of content is what determines its influence, not just the number of followers an influencer has,” said Jim Tobin, president of Carusele. “Our Content Performance Index automatically analyzes content quality, engagement rate, share rate and influencer reach to deliver a rank and an index score. It shows what really performed in the campaign.”

Carusele is producing tens of thousands of pieces of content per year running programs for leading consumer brands and retailers, so having a way to index that content and filter the best performing to the top became critical. The Content Performance Index automatically sets average content at a 100 index and then stack ranks the rest of the content above and below that baseline.

“We’re all human beings, so a particular piece of content may resonate with one person but not another. By using actual performance in social media, coupled with measurements of brand relevance, we’re replacing one person’s opinion with actual behavior among everyone who saw each piece of content. We’re essentially utilizing a focus group of millions,” Tobin said.

Unlike traditional influencer marketing programs, Carusele scores each piece of content in real time and then syndicates the highest performing content to specific target audiences. This allows both more precision in targeting messaging as well as the promotion of only the most influential content.


About Carusele

Carusele, which won the 2017 Small Agency of the Year Award at the Shorty Awards, utilizes a hand-crafted network of over 55,000 content producers to produce premium influencer campaigns for leading brands and retailers. The company was spun out of Ignite Social Media (the 2016 Social Media Agency of the Year Worldwide) in 2015.

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