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Aug 27 Research Shows Consumer Response to Influencer v Traditional Marketing


Earlier this year eMarketer published research from a neuroanalytics firm that analyzed consumer reactions to influencer marketing, and the response was fantastic for the influencer industry.

In the full study, the firm analyzed the following items while exposing participants to TV ads, Facebook Ads, Influencers Ads and other forms of marketing: Emotional Intensity, Memory Encoding, and Sentimental Response (positive or negative response). A brief snapshot of those results is displayed below.

Influencer ads generated 277% greater emotional intensity and 87% higher memory encoding in participants than TV ads.

Influencer-primed ads generated a 13% positive response and 103% greater emotional intensity that TV ads.


Celebrities elicited a -54% response versus the +62 response of micro-influencers.


In summary, this research now proves the effectiveness of influencer marketing and why more brands should be allocating funds towards influencer versus other methods. It also supports the notion that brands should move away from celebrity-sponsored content and align their efforts with microinfluencers that audiences can relate to.

So if you want to get a better emotional connection with your customers, get your influencer marketing strategy in tip top condition. We're happy to help you plan that strategy, or even execute the campaign on your behalf. Just contact us using the form below and we'll get started today.