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Free FTC Compliance Cheat Sheet for Influencer Marketing
Free FTC Compliance Cheat Sheet for Influencer Marketing

I was speaking to an influencer the other day who asked me to look at some of his sponsored content. At the end of each post, which could be seen only if you expanded the post, he'd used the...

4 Ways You Think You’re FTC Compliant, But Not

Even when attempting to be, most influencer content on Instagram isn't technically FTC complaint.  

Brands Aren’t Going to Like the FTC’s Next Move on Influencer Marketing

The FTC continues to send warnings, but it won't be long before someone gets more than a hand slap.   For nearly eight years now, the Federal Trade Commission has been consistently, but somewhat...

3 Influencer Marketing Watch Outs to Ensure Your Campaigns are On Target

These influencer marketing watch outs are crucial to a successful campaign.