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6 Ways Brands Can Win At Social Media Influencer Marketing

Although the practice is rather popular, there are still ways to improve your social media influencer marketing efforts.  Influencer marketing. You keep hearing about it. Maybe you’ve tried it. Maybe...

The Biggest Challenge of Influencer Marketing? Finding Relevant Influencers

Brands struggle to uncover resources for finding relevant influencers for campaigns.   Google Trends searches for the term “influencer marketing” are increasing exponentially. The resulting...

8 Strategies For Building Influencer Relationships
8 Strategies For Building Influencer Relationships

As the industry continues to grow, it's important to begin developing meaningful influencer relationships for your brand.   Brands are waking up to how powerful social influencers have become as a...

Identifying Influencers: It’s Time to Go Beyond the Low-Hanging Fruit

Identifying influencers for your campaigns won't be easy, but it's crucial to find the right ones. START WITH PEOPLE FIRST! We’ve mentioned before our fondness for Forester's POST methodology and...

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