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Jun 13 3 Tips for Influencer Video Content

Recently, many marketers have begun to ask if they should incorporate video content into their influencer programs. The answer, of course, is yes. But while influencer video content has many benefits, there are still precautions marketers should take prior to handing out video assignments to their influencers.

The Benefits of Influencer Video Content


1. Algorithms Favor Video

Indeed, the algorithms of each and every social network, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,  all favoring video. Even Pinterest recently rolled out autoplay videos, and Instagram is ramping up to launch a long-form video hub. Ultimately, if you can get more views per dollar spent, that alone is a good reason to produce high-quality video content for social.

2. It's Easier than Ever to Create

Even five years ago, video content wouldn't be much of an option. But with the continued advancement of technology and smartphone cameras, anyone can point a camera at anyone else and create a video with ease.

3. Live Video Attracts More Attention

Now, most social networks have live video functions that are also programmed to alert audiences when a user or brand goes Live. This feature alone can bring in viewers that you don't get from ordinary posts.

Drawbacks to Consider


1. Not All Video Content is High-Quality

On the flip side, however, there is a real quality question. We've seen some brands produce hour-long Facebook Live videos that don't say anything or do anything. This is harmful because the entire point of parting with an influencer is to inspire people, to influence people. So make sure your influencer is at least armed with some live video best practices.

2. Video Content is More Costly

Ultimately, you're most likely going to pay extra to get influencers to create video content because they know it's going to take them more time. So be sure to choose your influencers wisely and properly structure influencer contracts in order to get the best return on your investment.

3. Good Content Isn't Easy

While it might be easy to create content, it's hard to do it well. To put up a green screen, create captions, get the lighting just right, etc., takes a certain amount of skill that some influencers don't have. And if the goal of all this is to get aspirational content, inspirational content, you need to select influencers who are well-versed at creating video.

Best Practices For Creating Influencer Video Content


1. Create Slideshows from Images

It's not difficult to take the pictures that influencers are creating and put them in a slideshow video that you can share on social. Through this tactic, you'll easily get the benefits of the video and the algorithms without the difficulty of creating real video content.

2. Consider the Type of Content You're Creating

Take a moment to think if video is the right medium for what you're trying to convey to your audience. If the narrative can't be explained through an image, such as a beauty influencer's take on how to create a certain look, let video show that story. But be careful not to overdo it.

3. Don't Force It

Finally, don't create forced video content that doesn't fit what you're trying to talk about, what the influencers are trying to talk about. Even those algorithmic benefits are going to be outweighed by the challenges you're going to have creating that content.