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Aug 21 Why Influencers Deleting Sponsored Content Shouldn't Matter to Marketers

Influencers Are Deleting/Archiving Sponsored Content -- Does It Matter?

Have you ever gone to an influencers account and noticed they've deleted the sponsored content you paid them to create only a few months ago?

Today we're looking into two pieces of this puzzle. The first being why an influencer would be deleting your content, and more importantly, is this cause for concern?


Why Influencers Are Deleting Sponsored Content

It's actually a rather simple explanation. By removing posts that are labeled with FTC compliant hashtags, influencers are trying to trick the system into thinking they don't create an overabundance of sponsored content in an effort to book more jobs with brands. This is why one of the things we look for at Carusele is Saturation Rate (the amount of sponsored versus organic content), in an effort to work with influencers who have an balanced saturation rate and still prove valuable at influencing their audience. While some companies just scrape profiles with a tool for a general number, we manually review each influencers social channels (and those IG stories!!) and content to evaluate their saturation rate, keeping an eye open for posts that have since been deleted (yes, our system informs us if content that once was live has since been removed).

Does The Removal on Sponsored Content Impact Your Brand?

The short answer: No. Most of the value of social content comes from those first days to about a week or two after the social content is posted. Unfortunately, social content doesn't have much value ongoing, unless you're doing a blog post or YouTube video. Both of those have search engine value where they're likely to be discovered over the life of the content. So leaving those pieces of content up does have sometimes significant value for the brand. The social content, less so.

What You Can Do To Keep Sponsored Content Live

If it's important to your brand that content stays live even after a campaign, then in addition to manually reviewing your influencers during the vetting stage for content removals, it's also important to make sure your influencer contract addresses this situation. Our contracts call for the content to stay live for a minimum of six months, after which we found most influencers just leave it up.

If you're in the market for a influencer marketing agency that manually vets influencers, fully manages your campaign, and provide measurabe business results, fill out the form below and let's get the conversation started.