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Jun 27 What Are The 5 Types of Social Media Influencers?

An effective influencer marketing campaign can do many things for your brand. After seeing success with campaigns that drive engagements, conversions, and sales, 60% of marketers planned to increase their influencer marketing budgets this year.

However, as the industry has grown over the last 10+ years, many brands and marketers have had trouble defining influencer marketing as well as defining the different subsets of social media influencers. Our influencer marketing agency has come to find that there are 5 categories of social media influencers, each providing a unique value to the brand they’re partnering with.

The 5 Types of Social Media Influencers


While partnering with a celebrity can be considered influencer marketing, we technically view these relationships like traditional celebrity endorsements. Long story short, you’re paying a hefty fee for an Instagram post that will most likely be taken down within the next few months. Additionally, while celebrities have immensely large audiences, it can be difficult to tell if your exact target audience is actively engaging with your celebrity partner.

Celeb Social Media Influencers

The Ultimate Guide for Vetting Influencers

Social Stars

With the rise of social media came the rise of a new celebrity, the social media star. Like celebrities, these influencers have millions of followers across their different social networks. Also like a celebrity, their audience is more spread out, and it can be difficult to reach your specific target audience if you’re not careful.

Social Star Social Media Influencers


Continuing down the funnel we find macro-influencers. These are influencers who are well-known in their communities and have built up a hefty fan base around 500,000 followers over the years. These types of creators are commonly known for their expertise in a specific industry.

Macro Social Media Influencers


Now we’re hitting the sweet spot. Micro-influencers have a fan base of anywhere from 20,000-400,000 followers across their social media networks. Like Macro-Influencers, they cater to a specific industry, but because of the size of their audiences, they’re highly engaged with their communities.

Micro Social Media Influencers


Nano-influencers have recently sparked a new trend in the influencer marketing industry, as brands like Macy’s begin looking towards their employees to produce branded content on their personal channels.

Nano Social Media Influencers

Regardless of which type of influencer you choose to partner with, be aware that you’re going to get different types of results. Celebrities and social stars may be great for mass awareness, but if you’re truly trying to target a specific audience and influence them, micro-influencers and nano-influencer can play a key role. So, it’s important to set your goals before you begin vetting influencers.

If you’re struggling to find the right influencers for your campaigns or perhaps you’re more interested in better solutions for measuring ROI, feel free to check out our influencer marketing resources or contact us today using the form below.