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Dec 22 A Look at Influencer Marketing: 2022 Year-End Blog Roundup

It's no secret that influencer marketing has become integral to the digital marketing landscape. Brands have been leveraging the power of influencers across industries for years, and 2022 was no exception. As we look to 2023, it's important to take a moment and review some of the biggest trends and insights that came out of 2022 in influencer marketing.  

From thought-provoking articles on industry trends to actionable tips and tricks, these reads will serve as foundational pieces to help brands and creators suit up for 2023.  

1. Power of Authenticity 

This year, we dove deep into the power of authenticity in influencer marketing. Carusele explored how brands can succeed by working with authentic influencers who stay true to their message. Influencers were also encouraged to break away from the “influencer mold” by being more themselves and using their platforms to express personal opinions.

We thought of it as an open letter on how it's important to be real on social media. This article breaks down the importance of staying true to what brands and creators believed in and the values that they wanted to promote. 

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2. About 7M Users are on BeReal (The Real Life App)

Talking about authenticity, Carusele also discussed how the “BeReal” platform was gaining traction for 2022. BeReal is literally a social media app for the mundane, unfiltered life.  

We wrote about how BeReal is ushering in a new era of engagement and how brands can use this app to create meaningful, authentic content — when we thought it was impossible. We took a closer look at some ways brands can leverage the platform to their advantage and just BeReal. 

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3. Live Streaming is a Hit 

Live streaming quickly became a trend for 2022, and Carusele was quick to analyze it. We wrote about how to use live streaming in influencer marketing, including tips on a successful live stream strategy.

From social media platforms to video conferencing, there's truly a variety of ways for brands to leverage the power of live streaming. This article highlights some of the benefits live streaming can bring to influencer campaigns and how it can be used to create a more engaging experience with audiences.  

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4. Hand Selecting Social Influencers — The Carusele Way

This year, the Carusele team hopped in and gave an in-depth look at its method for hand-selecting social influencers. We discussed the importance of finding and working with the right partners, mapping out objectives before engaging an influencer and utilizing data to make more informed decisions during the vetting process. 

This article can serve as a guide for brands as they look to partner with influencers in 2023. More so, it gave brands a wider picture as well on how dedicated we are in our practices. 

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5. Niche Influencers, Why Care?

This year, we also looked at the importance of niche influencers and their power to campaigns. Brands can gain an advantage by tapping into influencers focused on more targeted audiences. This introduces a more intimate connection between influencers and their followers, resulting in more authentic conversations with fans.

We dug into the concept of niche influencers being a valuable asset to reach micro-audiences more efficiently and effectively while also staying aligned with brand values. Going into 2023, it’s important that brands to keep this in mind. 

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6. Instagram and Its Number of Latests

We couldn't really count (top 5!) how many updates and features Instagram rolled out in 2022. We tried to keep it easy in our blog post by reviewing some key updates that can affect influencer marketing campaigns. 

From new and expanding product tagging features to a full-screen TikTok-like feed, we looked at some ways brands can take advantage of Instagram’s latest offerings. With 2023 on the horizon, this post is a great reminder for marketing professionals to keep an eye out for any changes that Instagram might roll out. 

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The Bottom Line

2022 was a year filled with changes for the influencer marketing industry, and we here at Carusele have been keeping tabs. From discussing authenticity to live streaming strategy tips, our blog is full of helpful articles that can help prepare brands for 2023.  

As we move into the new year, stay up-to-date with all our blog posts to get the latest insights and information on how to maximize influencer marketing campaigns.  If you're looking for more industry tips make sure to subscribe to The Spin. 


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