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Mar 22 Carusele Serves 3 Billion Impressions of Native Advertising Since Launch

Content marketing company Carusele recently surpassed 3 billion impressions of native advertising on campaigns with a collective goal of 1.4 billion


The company, which facilitates the creation and syndication of content for many large consumer brands, sells packaged content marketing programs that include both guaranteed content creation and guaranteed reach.

"We’re passionate about putting relevant, platform-agnostic material in front of targeted sets of consumers, and we’re thrilled that our unique process has yielded these impressive results - more than double our stated goal,” said Jim Tobin, president of Carusele. “We’ve been running influencer campaigns for more than two years now and our approach has moved influencer marketing from a spray and pray marketing tactic to a highly-targeted mechanism for getting authentic content in front of an audience that’s receptive and engaged.”

Founded in 2015, Carusele attributes its rapid rise to creating influential content rather than just tying brands to influential people. They monitor all content they create for performance and syndicate only the most successful posts in locations amongst audiences who are organically interested in the material.

About Carusele
Carusele, headquartered in the Research Triangle region of North Carolina, was created by Ignite Social Media to utilize a handcrafted network of over 7,500 content producers to create high-quality, shareable, branded content and then actively manages it through organic syndication, paid syndication and aggregation. The result is scaled, targeted audience reach.

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