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Jul 17 Carusele Revolutionizes Influencer with Engaged Audience Profiles

Engaged Audience Profiles

New Engaged Audience Profiles Provide Deeper Insights for Influencer Marketing


Carusele, a leading influencer marketing agency, today unveiled the latest addition to its advanced measurement system, Engaged Audience Profiles™. These new insights allow Carusele’s clients the ability to see demographic data about audiences engaging with their influencer marketing campaigns, thereby confirming that these campaigns are reaching their target demographic.

“Ordinary influencer marketing can count likes, clicks and shares, but we’re going well beyond counting to paint a real picture of the audience that is engaging,” said Jim Tobin, Founder and President of Carusele. “With our Engaged Audience Profiles, brands can be sure that our influencers are getting real clicks from real people in the demographic groups they really care about.”

Engaged Audience Profiles Example 2

As some major brand marketers have become increasingly concerned with influencer fraud, Carusele has taken several steps to ensure that influencer content reaches specific target audiences. Carusele Senior Vice President Erin Ledbetter helped create the new metric.

“In addition to being able to provide the engaged audience attributes, we’re also creating and targeting look-a-like audiences of the engaged audience. That way, we’re getting the best client content to a receptive audience that the brand intends to target. It’s already proven to be a high converting audience,” said Ledbetter.

Engaged Audience Profiles Look-A-Like

Carusele’s ability to pull these audience insights stems from their unique approach, combining the power of influencer marketing, content marketing, and paid media to develop meaningful campaigns that deliver guaranteed results for major consumer brands and retailers.


About Carusele

Carusele, which won the 2017 Small Agency of the Year Award at the Shorty Awards, utilizes a hand-crafted network of over 7,500 content producers to produce premium influencer campaigns for leading brands and retailers. The company was spun out of Ignite Social Media (the 2016 Social Media Agency of the Year Worldwide) in 2015. In addition to the recent development of Engage Audience Profiles, Carusele is also known for developing other innovative and proprietary algorithms, such as the iStack™ and the Content Performance Index™.