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Aug 15 How Influencer Insights Can Enhance Your Next Ad Campaign

Have you ever considered using the insights from your influencer marketing campaigns to inform and enhance your next ad campaign and creative concept? Well in this post, we're breaking down a few steps you'll need to take in order to make your next campaign successful.

The Secret Sauce For Your Next Successful Ad Campaign

To start, you're going to need to do some initial set up before the campaign launches. For example, make sure that your influencer assignments are thematically correct relative to what you want your ad concepts to be. However, and what may be the most important part of planning, is you need to give a fairly wide range of parameters for the influencers to take their story angles. Some influencers will go down one angle, other influencers will go down another angle, and more influencers will go down a third.

Aside from these different story angles, it's your job to pull the data in from each and every piece of content the influencers produce. Every tweet, every Facebook Live video, every blog post, etc., should all be pulled in and categorized based on their themes, and then measured for performance. Pro Tip: Make sure you're measuring the organic performance of the content so that you're able to later boost the highest-performing pieces.

Here's an example of why the organic performance and boosted performance results are so important. During a recent campaign with a baby product client, when we measured the organic performance of the influencer-produced content, we saw that when the influencer was physically in the photos, those pieces had above average engagement rates. That was a great insight to start with. But then, when we started to boost those high-performing pieces, we found some different results. Within the boosted content, images where the influencer was not only in the content but also in her nursery, engagements spiked through the roof.

So in this example, you can see that keeping an eye out for these types of insights is important. Ordinarily, you'd be paying an ad agency or focus group to obtain this type of feedback, but in this scenario, you're getting the dual benefit of constructively obtaining these essential insights while also getting real-world exposure for your investment with the influencer component. It just takes the right setup as you go and the right sort of algorithmic measurement to stack rank the best, highest-performing content.

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