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9 Ways Lifestyle Brands Can Maximize their Influencer Marketing ROI

If you're struggling to prove influencer marketing ROI, these tips can amplify your campaign results.

The Change in Influencer Marketing from PR Strategy to Media Strategy

Why influencer marketing should be considered part of a long-term media strategy. "Is word of mouth all it's cracked up to be?" asked Forbes magazine in 2006. Back then, influencer marketing was in...

The Currency of Trust and its Impact on Influencer Marketing

Trust drives results in many influencer marketing campaigns. Did you know that 67 percent of consumers are influenced by online reviews? Or that 69 percent of shoppers read recommendations from...

New White Paper: How Influencer Marketing Touches Every Step of the Customer Journey

Understand Influencer Marketing and the Customer Journey in a Whole New Way. Influencer marketing is the topic of the moment. It’s a form of native advertising that everyone’s talking about. It’s...

In Blogging for Business, Which Social Media Metrics Matter?
In Blogging for Business, Which Social Media Metrics Matter?

Measurement matters, but are you measuring the right social media metrics? Measurement plays a crucial role in any marketing campaign. Not only does it help to communicate a program’s success, it...

New Study Proves ROI of Influencer Marketing

Study: Influencer marketing yields 16x better ROI than digital marketing, proving ROI of Influencer Marketing In what is great news for marketers needing to prove the effectiveness of their...