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May 20 New White Paper: How Influencer Marketing Touches Every Step of the Customer Journey

Understand Influencer Marketing and the Customer Journey in a Whole New Way.

Influencer marketing is the topic of the moment. It’s a form of native advertising that everyone’s talking about.  It’s also known as content marketing and it’s a great way to get your branded content into authentic, relatable stories and out to a much broader audience than ever before.

But there’s been one stumbling block for companies thinking about embarking on their own influencer campaigns.

Download our white paper today to read about how influencer marketing delivers proven ROI and can help you determine the success of your influencer outreach efforts.

Influencer Marketing Measurement

How should you measure success?

At Carusele, we have been running influencer campaigns for years (through our own Carusele campaigns and with our parent company Ignite Social Media – the original social media agency). We have worked with our clients to measure campaign success in a variety of ways. Through this process, we discovered that influencer marketing touches every segment of the customer journey – from the pre-purchase phases of awareness and evaluation right through to post-purchase usage, loyalty, advocacy and hopefully repeat purchase.

For each of these phases, different metrics are available to assess the success of your campaign. A recent study highlighted the value of influencer marketing over targeted digital banner advertising – with staggering results. We already knew influencer marketing was an extremely effective marketing tactic but this study proves its real value.


The most important part

It’s not just about having the best influencers or the most followers. It’s about content quality and putting that content where it can be discovered - pure and simple. If you do this (and we know how), you can generate huge awareness, engagement, share of voice and proven sales lift. And you will have content that you can use again and again. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!


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Download the "5 Ways to Effectively Measure Your Influencer Marketing Campaign" white paper now.