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Jan 30 On-Demand Webinar: 10 Influencer Insights to Guide Your Strategy in 2018

These 10 Influencer Insights can help you optimize your influencer marketing strategy this year.

Chances are if you're not already doing influencer marketing, you're about to be. Recent studies have shown that influencer marketing on Instagram doubled in 2017, a trend that will likely continue this year with 39% of marketers planning to increase their influencer marketing budgets.

However, as the industry continues to expand there are still many misunderstandings that remain between brand marketers and influencers that prevent these campaigns from being able to reach their full potential.

To clear the air, we partnered with TapInfluence to survey over 750 of today’s influencers to help brands better understand the life of an influencer and how they view the industry today.

Now, we're giving you the opportunity to hear the most valuable insights that resulted from this survey during an on-demand webinar. Carusele’s Amanda Fuquay and TapInfluence’s Francesca Cruz are joined together to host this event and dive into influencer insights and tips that can help marketers improve their 2018 influencer marketing strategies. In addition to the survey results, our hosts were joined by a panel of influencers sharing their personal insights for brands and answer your questions.