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Apr 05 Changes to Facebook Custom Audience Targeting are Underway

Facebook plans to make extreme changes to Facebook Custom Audience Targeting and Audience Insights.




Facebook advertising used to be quite simple. Until recently, you could easily upload a list of emails to Facebook Business Manager and be able to get parameters, or the characteristics, of the audience back. Now, Facebook is temporarily shutting down this feature because some users were utilizing it inappropriately to figure out attributes of individual people. Instead, Facebook will soon roll out a new certification tool that requires you to certify and warrant that uploaded emails lists were obtained by people opting in to accept marketing from you. This means you'll no longer be able to upload an email address for a specific person to networks follow that email address across the web, unless they've openly opted-in.

What Does This Mean for Marketers?

Soon, marketers are going to have to develop a new path to reach audiences that you were previously engaging in the aforementioned tactic. And while this path has yet to be discovered, marketers should keep influencer marketing a top priority.

Why? Because high-quality influencer content is designed to break through all of the noise on social media. The key is to carefully vet your influencers and partner with those great content creators, similar to what we do here at Carusele. Additionally, we consistently see about 20% of our influencer content outperform the rest, so it's also important that you create a system that allows you to identify your top-performing content for further syndication.

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