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Feb 08 Infographic: 10 Influencer Insights to Guide your Strategy in 2018

Looking to optimize your influencer strategy?

Influencer marketing has come a long way since first emerging in 2004. Today, the industry has risen to be a multi-billion dollar industry and marketers are increasing their influencer budgets every year. However, as the industry expands there are still many misunderstandings that exist between marketers and influencers.

Because of this, Carusele and TapInfluence partnered together and surveyed over 750 influencers to better understand what it means to be an influencer and work in this ever-evolving industry. We asked a variety of questions, from their favorite channel to use for branded content, to what makes them more inclined to work with an unfamiliar brand, to understanding FTC compliance regulations and more.

Now, we’ve compiled the most valuable insights from this survey and designed the following infographic in the hope that this material can help inform brands how to better work with influencers and create more meaningful campaigns together.

Infographic: 10 Influencer Insights to Guide Your Strategy in 2018

If you're interested in learning more about these insights, check out the on-demand webinar featuring three influencers, Janise BurrafatoBrandi Jeter Riley and Amber Day, who shared their personal insights and experiences from the industry.