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Aug 01 Six Weeks Later, Has Instagram's IGTV Been Successful?

It's been six weeks now since Instagram first launched IGTV, their long format platform for video, and many marketers have been interested to learn how it's performing.

If you can recall, ever since their announcement on June 20, 2018, there's been a lot of noise and news coverage across the industry. Additionally, loads of influencers raced to change their Instagram profiles to include "IGTV Creator" and to grab their handles to upload some of their content.

But What's the Current State of Instagram's IGTV?

But since then, all we're hearing is crickets. We're not hearing anything. Out of all the brands we've been working with since the launch of Instagram's IGTV, not one has asked about it. And perhaps even more telling, none of the influencers we're talking to have suggested IGTV as a solution for one of our programs. This is very different than what you see for Snapchat or Instagram Stories. In both those cases, influencers came to us as we're discussing a particular program and would say, "this would be perfect for Instagram Stories," or "I could do a great job for this on Snapchat." We're not seeing that at all on IGTV.

What we do see are big publishers like BuzzFeed, constantly out on IGTV. But we're not seeing any use of it at all for influencer marketing. Are you?

If so, let us know! In the meantime, we're going to be watching for the latest data to come out on IGTV usage, wherever we can get it. But we're not sure how long that will be considering the state of Instagrams analytics to date.