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May 16 Are Virtual Influencers the Future of Influencer Marketing

Virtual Influencers Are Getting a lot of Buzz right now, but is it worth it?


If you haven't seen or heard of virtual influencers powered by artificial intelligence, they're getting a lot of press right now. In fact, one company just got 6 million in funding to build them.

But honestly, I don't get this and I don't think this is a good long-term strategy. With influencers, what you're looking for is the uses of how real people are using real products. Digitizing them into these weird, sort of anthropomorphic shapes doesn't give you that. And for a long-term play, it's not a good idea.

If you've read our Gen Z White Paper you know that Gen Z, which comes right after the Millennials, the younger audience, really values authenticity. So while Millennials are looking for a perfect world, the Pinterest world, if you will, Gen Z is looking for authenticity, how their friends view something. So as you're moving into AI influencers, Gen Z is feeling completely different and saying show me something authentic.

Ultimately, it's not a good way to go long-term. Let's let them get their buzz right now, but it's important that you focus on good, that will generate better results in the long term.