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'No Fake Followers' Is A Tricky Rallying Cry For Influencer Marketing
'No Fake Followers' Is A Tricky Rallying Cry For Influencer Marketing

This article originally appeared on, on August 7, 2018

7 Signs You May Need an Influencer Marketing Agency

thinking of hiring an influencer marketing agency? If so, we have seven insights to help you evaluate that decision.

How to Engage Generation Z with Influencer Marketing

While many brands are still fixated on Millennials, the next generation is slowly on the rise: Generation Z.

4 Ways You Think You’re FTC Compliant, But Not

Even when attempting to be, most influencer content on Instagram isn't technically FTC complaint.  

The ABC’s of Influencer Selection

This simple process is sure to help enhance your influencer selection process.   Recently, one of the hot topics around the Carusele office has centered on brand safety and brand association,...

Infographic: 10 Influencer Insights to Guide your Strategy in 2018

Looking to optimize your influencer strategy?   Influencer marketing has come a long way since first emerging in 2004. Today, the industry has risen to be a multi-billion dollar industry and...

How Influencer Marketing is Making an Impact in the Cause Marketing World

The rise of influencer marketing has paved a new way for cause marketing initiatives.   Influencer marketing is no longer the shiny, new trend it once was. Heading into 2017, 48 percent of marketers...

Get Creative with Your Creative: How to Use Influencers to Enhance Your Creative Strategy

Providing your influencers with an even balance of direction and creative freedom can elevate your creative strategy.   As Influencer marketing becomes a more common practice, brands and agencies are...

Brands Aren’t Going to Like the FTC’s Next Move on Influencer Marketing

The FTC continues to send warnings, but it won't be long before someone gets more than a hand slap.   For nearly eight years now, the Federal Trade Commission has been consistently, but somewhat...

3 Influencer Marketing Watch Outs to Ensure Your Campaigns are On Target

These influencer marketing watch outs are crucial to a successful campaign.

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