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Dec 17 Successful Influencers Share Tips for those Just Starting Out

If you're trying to become a social media influencer, see what advice our successful influencers want to share.

Influencer marketing has become a powerful strategy for brands who want to reach their target audience in an authentic, non-disruptive way.

At Ignite and Carusele we have a network of 7,500 hand-selected influencers that we work with to produce original stories about brands in the most natural way possible.

As brands continue to see the positive impact influencer campaigns have on sales and awareness, the demand for good influencers is on the increase. We’re seeing more and more people with a passion for social media and an eye for creating great content move into the influencer marketplace.

We asked several successful influencers what advice would they give someone trying to become an influencer. Here’s what they had to say:



Whimsy Wonderland for #StarbucksRefreshers

Jenna & Cortney, A Whimsy Wonderland

The advice we give to someone starting out in the blogging world is network, network, network! Make connections. Be genuine. Support others and they'll want to support you. Also, do your homework. We took a lot of courses and a few branding workshops before we launched and they really helped us find our footing.

 Lola Blue Style for #WishIHadAWetOnes 

Erika Batista, Lola Blue Style

My advice is to do it for the love of it and not for free stuff or money. When I first started out I had no idea my hobby would turn out to be what it is today! I think my honesty and relatable posts are what resonates with readers. After realizing the opportunities out there, I gave it my all. I put so much love and effort into everything I did, I would stay up until 3 in the morning emailing brands I wanted to work with and introducing myself to PR companies to get on event lists.

Another big piece of advice is to never give up. There will be days (there still are!) where you may wonder what the point is, but you have to keep going.  Work hard, be persistent, put yourself out there and above all, never give up.

Peter Pratts

For someone just starting out I would say make sure you’re hashtagging your photos if you're on Instagram. That's the easiest way for brands and other people to discover you. And post at least once a day!

Thuy Bui, Hey Thuy

My advice for someone starting out is to be as true as possible to their style and to their audience. Truth and honesty are key components in gaining your followers’ trust and in expanding your social influence. I also would advise that the number of "followers" does not define them. And don’t expect everything to happen overnight. It takes time to build a reputation and a following.

Savvy Saving Couple for Tyson Foods #HungerHeroes


Amy Desrosiers- Savvy Saving Couple

The advice I give bloggers who are just starting out is first and foremost to make sure they create a name or brand that they are in love with. If they want to start a blog they should make their name short and sweet, but personal.

I also recommend they start out right away on Wordpress and secure their social channels. A really good camera is a great investment. Make sure you spend lots of time practicing with it before creating content. People are drawn to beautiful, eye-catching photography, so creating big, beautiful, bright images is a must.

Being original and creative is also key. You really want your content to draw people in and make them want to check out your site and social media – and keep coming back.

Lastly, I would let them know that Rome wasn’t built in a day! It could take years to establish a successful influencer business. Consistency, passion and perseverance are the keys to success.

Inspired by Charm for #DiscoverDamak


Michael Wurm Jr, Inspired by Charm

Be yourself and don't follow the crowd! In a world where everyone is running on the hamster wheel to keep up with the Joneses, it's never been more important to stand on your own, be original, and do what makes YOU happy. In the end, that’s what will bring you business.

Kristy Harvey & Beth Woodson, Design Chic

Our best advice is to do what you love and the rest will follow! We started a blog purely for the fun of it and have been successful because we always focus on content that our readers will appreciate. Sticking to those principles and focusing on what we like has gained us not only readership but also wonderful partners that help sustain what has become a wonderful and really enjoyable business. We feel so lucky to be able to do what we love every day!

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