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On-Demand Webinar: 10 Influencer Insights to Guide Your Strategy in 2018
On-Demand Webinar: 10 Influencer Insights to Guide Your Strategy in 2018

These 10 Influencer Insights can help you optimize your influencer marketing strategy this year. Chances are if you're not already doing influencer marketing, you're about to be. Recent studies have...

STUDY: Influencers Prefer Instagram Over SnapChat in Dramatic Fashion

Not One Influencer Surveyed Chose Snapchat as Their Favorite Platform, Influencers Prefer Instagram. New research released today by Carusele, the Influencer Content Targeting System™, and ...

How to Evaluate Your Influencer Strategy with the Influencer Marketing Maturity Model

Optimize your influencer strategy with our new, simple quiz. It’s no secret that influencer marketing is growing rapidly. A recent survey of marketers revealed that 48 percent of brands were...


The new quiz allows brands to easily evaluate their influencer marketing strategy. Carusele, the Influencer Content Targeting System™, announced today the development and release of a self-assessment...

Get Creative with Your Creative: How to Use Influencers to Enhance Your Creative Strategy

Providing your influencers with an even balance of direction and creative freedom can elevate your creative strategy. As Influencer marketing becomes a more common practice, brands and agencies are...

Content Creation is “Step One” but it’s Audience Targeting that Pays the Bills

Round out your influencer marketing strategy by integrating audience targeting capabilities into your campaigns.

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